Health Lifestyle – Chapter 1

Creating Healthy Life Style

 On a daily basis, consciously or subconsciously, we make choices about our diet, exercise, sleep, our jobs, how, where and with whom we spend our time, etc.  Such lifestyle choices affect every aspect of our life and can improve our stress levels or may trigger or worsen the stress response.  Most of the time these lifestyle choices are made subconsciously or automatically based on already established habits.  Our current state of mental and physical health suggests that we are not making a lot of wise choices.

Unfortunately, study after study suggests we are eating less healthy foods, exercising less, and feeling rushed and not getting enough sleep.  We are more overweight, less active, more anxious and more exhausted than other humans throughout history.  When we are physically or mentally stressed, we cope less effectively with never ending daily environmental stresses making us more susceptible to diseases and ailments.

The first step in regaining control over our life is to look at our main motivations as we move through life.  Our beliefs and values are the determining source of our motivation, goal setting and behavior in life. We can be motivated by intrinsic or extrinsic sets of values and goals. It has been shown that people who organize their lives around extrinsic goals, such as money, fame or beauty report greater unhappiness in relationships, poorer moods and more psychological problems.  Today, despite being more affluent than ever before in our history, we are more stressed and less content. Compared to fifty years ago, our lives are filled with all kinds of material “stuff” and yet, we are less happy and are at a much greater risk of developing psychological ailments such as depression and anxiety than before.

Those individuals, on the other hand, whose focus is on more intrinsic goals such as meaningful relationships, personal growth and community contribution, enjoy a higher sense of wellbeing.

It is recommended that you identify the sources of your motivation in life and reassess those that may contribute to your daily psychological stress.

The next step is to research and adopt a well thought out plan to optimize your physical and mental health.  A knowledgeable physician can help you develop a personal health plan in the areas of preventive care, nutrition, exercise, rest and sleep.

The goal of developing healthy lifestyle is not only treat illnesses and prevent illness but also to improve the quality of life and the overall sense of wellbeing


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