Health Lifestyle – Chapter 2

How To Create A Healthy Living Environment

1-    Avoid environmental toxins.  Choose the quality and source of your food and water carefully.  Control the quality of the air you breathe the best you can.

2-    Become aware of and mindfully control the type and amount of information you are exposing your-self to.  Take steps to reduce your exposure to violent sounds, words and images of all kind.

3-    Become aware of your thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations as you listen, read or watch violent sounds, words and images.

4-    Limit your news exposure through different news media to a few minute a day.  Minimize watching violent programming on TV and Cinema.

5-    Beautify your home and work environment by using plants, flowers, colors and paintings.

6-    Create relaxing environment using calming aromas and soothing sounds such as waterfalls or relaxing music.

7-    Live close to nature whenever you can, stay outside during the day as much as possible, take your shoes off and walk on the grass when doable, nurture yourself by going to parks and areas filled with natural beauty.

8-    Establish a strong healthy social support system around you composed of family members and friends who listen to you and care for you.

9-    Simplify your life. Clear out your mental and physical clutter at home and at work.  Let go of unessential responsibilities, social obligations and those not in line with your goals.


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